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Searching for good health.
Weight doesn't matter to me.
Happiness will come.

About me: Twenty-two years old, 5 foot 11, Californian, former athlete who got lazy once I quit sports to focus on academia. Anti-human trafficking activist, working for a better world. Mental health is the most important to me now, and then fitness will follow. Looking for peace with my body and overall happiness, not a number on the scale. Love to cook, bake, read, write, live, and well... myself. Working on that part, but it's been a good few months.

I'd call it a "recovery" blog focusing on depression and anxiety disorders, but you all can deduce what you think it really is.

Wish me luck!

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Sam Tageson lives the Shark fan’s dream

 ”Sam Tageson, a 17-year-old with a life-threatening heart condition, became the first non-active NHLer to emerge from the giant shark head prior to the team’s pre-game skate at SAP Center. After signing a one-day contract with the Sharks, Tageson stood next to San Jose’s starters as they took in the national anthem prior to Tuesday night’s game. When he was introduced to the 17,562 in attendance, Tageson, who suffers from hypoplastic left heart syndrome, broke down crying amid a standing ovation.” {article & video

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I’m supposed to be packed and asleep already 

Obviously not happening, the sharks need to sweep this under the rug.

I’m going to get back on the challenge after my cousin’s wedding.  

Just haven’t had the mental fortitude to get a post up about it every day. I won’t be trying to play catch up, but just starting from where I left off. 

I had a chat with my mom about cutting people out of my life who do nothing but make it hard for me to be mentally stable, and I feel soooo much better now. Cut off a ton of people on my social media accounts that I don’t care for, blocked some, and just reorganized my life a little in that sense. It’s nice. I always forget that I’m number one in my life and that I come before anyone else. 

Always a process, but I’m beginning to heal again. Going to do a quick workout or maybe just eat some easter candy corn cause eff it I’m awesome and just need to blow off some mental steam for a second. 

But it’s so great when you just stop caring about certain things and people. You always forget how much it weighs on you until you get rid of it. <3

So yeah, I’ve had a rough couple of days with my paper and my mind, but I’m feeling really good about the weekend and my paper due next week. I’ve got a week left until I have finished all the requirements of my college degree and that’s absolutely wonderful. I can’t believe I’ve come this far. 

That took a left turn but it was cathartic and I feel good. Expect lots of photos this weekend! Huge weddings, Annapolis, my dad’s old stomping grounds of the Naval Academy, and boat clubs are all coming my way and I can’t fucking wait!!!!!!

I need to stop apologizing so much.  

I punctuate almost everything with a sorry even when I’m not really sorry. 

My feelings are one hundred percent valid and I need to quit apologizing and trying to temper my tone with it. When I’m being harsh I don’t need to apologize for that and when I’m stating what I feel I need to quit saying sorry for that.

Gotta adopt that #sorrynotsorry lifestyle.

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Positive! You&#8217;re gonna be positive! 

Selfies and &#8220;Wicked&#8221; songs up in here since I&#8217;m just chilling waiting for the boy to finish hw since this is our last chance to hang out before I get back from the wedding and probably beyond. I hate finals so much even though I only have one more.

Positive! You’re gonna be positive!

Selfies and “Wicked” songs up in here since I’m just chilling waiting for the boy to finish hw since this is our last chance to hang out before I get back from the wedding and probably beyond. I hate finals so much even though I only have one more.

Feelings are interesting. 

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Anonymous asked: Hello can you please tell me what it is like to be a anti-human trafficking activist? HOw do you become one?

I didn’t realize I had a message, sorry anon! But really, being a human trafficking activist means going out and just trying to spread the word about what human trafficking really is and what trafficking is in a modern sense. Most people think that females are only trafficked for sex, but modern day slavery exists in so many different ways that it needs to be highlighted more.

People are trafficked for labor, servitude, and sexual reasons, and people need to understand that it’s not some “undeveloped” nation’s problem, it’s a world problem. Trafficking is rampant in America and I try to focus on educating people on that, and to mindful of where the products they buy come from (I know, I now own forever21 products, I’m sorry it killed me too). I would love to one day work with victims one on one, or a non profit that centers around helping victims of human trafficking and stopping it worldwide.

To get involved just educate yourself first! Not for Sale, the End It Movement, and Free the Slaves are good starting points, along with Polaris Project and many others. There are many volunteer opportunities with different NGOs so I would search in your area to try and find one!

Hope this helped, even if a little.

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Had to return a gift to forever21 and since they know they are a shitty company of course you can only get store credit, didn’t end up going with either of these picks (just said eff it and bought 4 different headbands) but I was really tempted.

If only I had a use for them you know?

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Annnnd this belongs on here for reasons.

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Paper is finished. 

Seven thousand words, 17 pages. Too many emotions throughout the process, but I’m glad it’s done. 

Once my next final is complete I will truly be done, but it’s such a relief to be done with the major part of my academic career that has stressed me out for so long. That has caused so much anxiety and depression. 

Time to celebrate with lunch and returning clothes that sadly don’t fit. 

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